Our Vision
A creative and inclusive learning community with an ethos which nurtures and supports everyone to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

To promote the health of the whole school community through social, emotional, moral and spiritual development.
As a Rights Respecting School, make sure children know their rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to respect the rights of others.
Teachers give children the help and work that challenges them to do their best.
To help each child to enjoy exploring their abilities and interests.
To provide a happy, secure, respectful and caring environment.
To ensure families are included and involved in their own and their child’s learning.
To create a community which is sensitive to and appreciates individual needs and treats everyone with manners and respect.

The Surrounding Area
Blairgowrie is a town with an inherent community focus. It is the largest town in Perth and Kinross with approximately 10,000 residents. Blairgowrie has several locally run groups and activities aimed at bringing the children and families together, many of which take place at Blairgowrie Community Campus out with school hours. Due to its location, Blairgowrie is a popular commuter town, particularly for residents who work in Perth or Dundee..

The Catchment Area
The area from which the school draws its pupils is the area to the west of the River Ericht- extending north to Morgonston, west to Ranagaig, then south by Wester Logie and Craigie to Kirkton of Lethendy, then by Easter Essendy, Marlee Mill, Nether Gothens (Carsie) Lochside and Wester Parkhead. 

The School Building
Blairgowrie Community Campus is a ‘unique’ PKC shared campus, containing two separate primary schools (Newhill PS & St Stephen's RCPS) and a large nursery.

Both schools at Blairgowrie Community Campus are overseen by separate Head Teachers with their own Vision, Values and Aims.

The School Roll and Classes
We currently have 506 pupils in school and nursery.

3 P1 classes, 2 P2 clases, 2 P3 classes, 2 P4 classes, 2 P5 classes, P5/6, P6/7, P6 and 2 P7 classes.

We also have a Nurture Room (Strawberry Fields)

The School Day
Nursery: a vairety of 38 week places (Term time) and 45 week places (extended hours) are offered
45 week: 8am - 6pm
38 week: 9am - 3pm

School start & end times: P1 - P7: 8.55am - 3.15pm

Break times:
P1 - P4: 10.15 - 10.30am
P5 - P7: 10.40 - 10.55am

Lunch times:
P1 - P7: 12.15 - 1.15pm

Newhill Primary and Nursery Staff
Headteacher: Mrs E. Douglas

Depute Headteachers: Mrs A. Goodman, Miss C. McGarva and Mrs B, Stevenson

Teaching staff: Mrs C. Annan, Mrs A. Austin, Mrs J. Barcus-Buchan, Miss S. Crighton,  Mrs A. Cox, Miss G. Duff, Miss A Duncan, Mrs L. Grant, Mrs I. Johnston, Mr P. Kostadinov, Mrs C. MacVicar, Mrs C. McCance, Mr J. McGilchrist, Miss A. Middlemiss, Mr L. Pergola, Mr M. Preuss, Mrs C. Scotland, Mrs L. Stephens, Miss M. Stewart, Mrs H. Templeman, Mr S. Topen-Cooper, Miss C. Walker, Ms R. Williams, Miss L. Young

Nursery staff: Mrs Y. Dyce, Ms J Findlay, Miss O. Joy, Mrs M Hogg, Mrs J Inati, Miss D. Jamieson, Mrs M. MacCuish, Mrs W. MacFarlane, Miss C. McKay, Mrs H. McKay, Mrs A. McCowan, Miss N. Menzies, Mrs A. Ross, Mrs L. Russell, Mrs M. Russell, Ms L. Saunders, Miss C. Smith, Miss M. Sinclair, Mrs G Townsley, Mrs L. Wightman

Support staff: Mrs F. Coupar, Mrs I. Douglas, Ms S. Hughan, Ms V. Irving, Ms K. Morrison, Mrs L. Owen, Mrs A. Smith, Mrs R. Stallard, Mrs I. Stewart

Office staff: Mrs J. Meikle, Mrs M. Lock, Mrs L. Morgan, Miss S Dockerill